BLOG_long_jonfilbertAt Pearson Air, We Care!  Recently, we came across a story that we wanted to share with you that embodies the spirit at Pearson Air and those who we are associated with.

Brad Martin, our Residential Manager and Home Comfort Consultant, was made aware of a gentleman, Jon Filbert, who is battling cancer.  With our association with the Gregg Pearson Foundation, Brad wanted to reach out Jon and let him know about the foundation’s goal of offering assistance to those dealing with cancer or other acute illnesses.

In the process, it was discovered that Jon’s air conditioning unit had just stopped working.  And even though we had not hit our hot, Texas summer yet, our spring temperatures were certainly making it warm enough where a functioning A/C unit was necessary.

Brad reached out to the Gregg Pearson Foundation as well as to Morrison Supply Company, the distributor of the ComfortMaker A/C system.  With the help of all those parties, we were able to cover the cost of the product and installation for Jon’s new A/C unit.

Jon gave us permission to tell this story and we are grateful.  Again, thanks to the Gregg Pearson Foundation and Morrison Supply Company as well for their involvement.  And thanks to Brad jumping on this situation and taking care of the customer in this unique way. This shows the heart of those that work for us at Pearson Air.

Stacey Pearson, Owner