Slider_reviewsDo you know who is coming to your home to service your system?  Are they professionally trained, licensed and insured?  Are they respectful of your home and your surroundings?

These are all very important questions to ask yourself.  Who you let in your home is paramount to the operation of your home a/c system.  Also, you should never doubt that you are safe and secure with the individuals that come to perform work at your residence.

We have all heard the bad stories, the horror stories of people being taken advantage of financially, physically or emotionally by an unqualified or misguided service technician.  This should never happen!  As an industry, there is a bad reputation that is associated with most residential and commercial service companies.  This stereotype is something that we at Pearson Air are always battling against.  We make it our mission to go above and beyond in proving to you, our customer, that we are not like every other service company out there.  We CARE!

One of the main ways we are different is through our non-profit ministry, the Gregg Pearson Foundation.  We run the GPF as a way to give back to our community.  Gregg Pearson was my brother and the oldest son of Jim Pearson, founder of Pearson Air.  Gregg passed away from a brain tumor in 2003 and throughout his 11 year battle with cancer, we were blessed by so many people with their generosity.  We wanted to find a way to give back similar to how we were blessed and so we formed the GPF in 2008.  Now, we are a vital source for those individuals and families that are battling daily.  We provide financial, spiritual and emotional support to individuals in DFW that are dealing with cancer or other acute illnesses.

So, who are you letting in your home?  You can rest assured if you let Pearson Air in your home, you are safe and you are helping the community!

Here is a couple of comments today from satisfied customers:

Customer Name: Bowles, “Juan has great knowledge, demeanor, professionalism.”

Customer Name: Murphy, “Mike was very polite, professional, clean (did not leave a mess), thorough and overall we are very happy with his service.”

Give Pearson Air a call today and rest assure you are dealing with the best!

Stacey Pearson, President