PRODUCT_xl20iHave you ever wondered what a Heat Pumps is and how it work?  We get asked this question quite a lot because there are lots of misconceptions in the public about heat pumps.  In their home, most people are either used to an all electric type of system or a gas system.  All homes will either have all electric appliances or they will have a combination of electric and gas appliances.

At Pearson Air, we recommend either a heat pump (for a home with all electric appliances) or a gas system (for a home that has gas appliances).

We love heat pumps for a couple of reasons:

1.  You can save money in the wintertime with a Heat Pump.  A heat pump is 3 times more efficient than an all electric type system.

2.  Heat Pumps will heat your home efficiently and consistently.  The way a heat pump is made causes it to run longer and heat your home more efficiently than an all electric type system.

3.  Heat Pumps are a great technology and are very reliable.

There is one general complaint that we get when it comes to heat pumps.  Customers will feel that the air coming out of their supply registers is not very hot during the wintertime.  That is a major difference in heat pumps compared to an all electric system or a gas system.  The air that a heat pump puts out is about 96 degrees compared to the air of an all electric system or gas system being about 120 degrees.  Since our bodies are typically 98 degrees, the air of a heat pump feels cool.  However, it really is hot enough to heat your home and it will achieve its desired temperature consistently and efficiently.

I hope this helps answer questions you may have about a heat pump and how it works.  If not, here is a couple of things you can do:

1.  Here is a simple and good video that also explains it.  (Credit to Columbia Water and Light for this video)

2.  Contact Pearson Air at 817-226-7400 and we would be happy to talk further about this with you.

3.  Check out this link to Trane’s website explaining the operation of Heat Pump.

Stacey Pearson

President, Pearson Air