Leslie Carruthers

Leslie Carruthers is the office manager for Pearson.  Leslie is the daughter of Jim Pearson, Past President and founder of Pearson Mechanical.  Leslie has been an educator for over 20 years and comes to Pearson with lots of varied experiences and abilities.  Her role as office manager will be a vital one as there are many moving parts to keep in order and flowing smoothly.

Leslie and her husband have two kids and spend most all of their free time going to kids activities, school functions and church gatherings.  Leslie’s other interests include family vacations, shopping, serving at their church and with their small group, visiting friends and traveling.

Leslie also helped start the Gregg Pearson Foundation with Stacey Pearson.  Together, they have run the GPF since it’s inception in 2008.  The mission of the GPF is to financially, spiritually and emotional assist families and individuals with cancer or acute illnesses.  The GPF was founded in honor of Leslie and Stacey’s older brother Gregg who passed away from a brain tumor in 2003.  For more info on the GPF, go to www.greggpearson.org!


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